What is IDLance?

It’s an ever-growing collection of 100% self-paced modules full of practical information, guidance, handy templates, and emotional support (mental health matters, people!) for those looking to dive into the cool, refreshing waters of freelance instructional design. When you subscribe to IDLance, you’ll get step-by-step instructions for things you didn’t even know you needed step-by-step instructions for.

Don’t let the word “modules” scare you away! Ours are so down-to-earth you won’t even realize you’re learning how to do business. Yes, the moment you decide to start freelancing, you’ve also decided to start your own business.

And business is hard. But you don’t have to go it alone! IDLance is also a community made up of people who share your same hopes, dreams, and deepest desires. Well, maybe not all your deepest desires. It’s best you save some of those just for you and your basement. (Yes, we still cuddle our beanie babies, too.)

P.S. The ID in IDLance is for “Instructional Design” and the “lance” is for “freelance.” But we also see ourselves as the lance (you know, medieval sword thing) that’s going to help you cut away from crappy office drudgery and forge ahead into your new life! Yeah, that’s intense. But we like it that way.

What makes us different?

Our stuff is completely self-paced. You never have to be at your computer at a certain time for any reason. Listen, we live in a time where cancelled plans are a celebrated occurrence. We know what it’s like to be completely motivated to do something, only to lose all energy the minute someone else tells us when we have to do it.

You get all the things…immediately. You can jump around between modules and lessons, finding the info you need at the exact moment you need it. There’s no time-release function where you have to wait until you’re 28 days into the course to learn how to file your business entity.

We’re always adding to the stuff and the things. Just because there may be “x” modules when you sign up, doesn’t mean there will be the same # of modules next month. In fact, you’ll continue to receive new lessons to peruse. We’re committed to bringing you fresh content on the regular and updating older content when it gets stale.

A friendly community is built right into the learning. Connecting with other supercool, like-minded freelancers is only (literally) ONE click away.

We’re always listening…but not in a creepy way.
If there’s content you want to see, or if you have a question about something, we’ll be there for you as will your fellow freelancers in the community.

Who the heck are we?

We’re Andrea McEneaney and Dr. Parker A. Grant. We wear hoodies in our head shots so people know we’re like, totally down-to-earth and approachable and fun! (Sort of kidding but also sort of not?)

Wanna know more? Here’s the specifics:

Dr. Parker A. Grant (aka the guy in green):

Parker is an instructional designer, eLearning developer, cartoonist, and learning consultant in the L&D community. He’s also an entrepreneur – being the brainchild and co-founder of IDLance and being the innovator of the 2D-immersive, High-Res eLearning (HReL) technology at Klixel8. He worked for a Fortune 50 corporation for over 21 years as an engineer, trainer, instructional designer, and training manager before starting his own independent consulting business (Learning Connects, LLC) in 2008. He earned his B.S. and M.S. in Mechanical Engineering, an M.S. in Educational Technology with an emphasis in instructional design, and a Ph.D. in Adult Learning with a specialization in mental models and concept mapping. He resides in Connecticut with his wife of 24 years and their 4 kids.

Stuff he digs: drawing (duh), running on the trails, traveling, golfing, spending time with family and friends (including 4 teenage kids who constantly eat him out of house and home) – please subscribe to IDLance so you can pay for their Dorito habits.

Why IDLance? He said: “I’m purpose-driven in life to help those who want to make the leap to be a freelancer (i.e. fulfill their dreams), but they’re just not sure how yet – or maybe they don’t have the confidence yet. The world really needs more independent-thinking ID talent, free from being trapped in their corporate silos, policies, and traditional ways of doing business. We need to have them cut away from organizational politics – or should I say the usual crap – and ‘lance a lot!”

Andrea McEneaney (the gal in orange):

Andrea is a writer, instructional designer, technologist, learning consultant, and drummer (really). She’s the co-head honcho of IDLance with Parker. They met when Parker gave Andrea her first freelance instructional design gig (ever!!!) writing down-to-earth text message courses. She’s worn many hats including Comedy Club Hostess, Carrot Chopper at a pizza shop, daycare teacher, Electronic Recruitment Coordinator, Talent Acquisition Specialist, Assistant Director of Administrative Systems, Learning Resource Specialist, Instructional Technologist, Copywriter, Documentary Filmmaker, Dog Mom, and Mom of Little Human That Has Her Same Sizeable Forehead. She’s got a BA from NYU in History, Education & Dramatic Lit (lolz), an MA in Media Studies from The New School, and an M.Ed. in Learning & Tech from Western Governors University.

Stuff she digs: Attempting to draw, New Orleans food & Second Line music, Indian take-out leftovers, sparkling wine, playing with her little human who thinks it’s hilarious to serve Andrea fake ice cream cones and then immediately take them away, watching trashy reality tv with her husband, and taking her chiweenie on long walks where she (dog) can get lots of belly rubs from neighbors.

Why IDLance? When asked this, Andrea said: “Why NOT IDLance? My dream is to help people realize that they ARE smart and capable, and don’t need to be intimidated by all of the ‘industry experts’ out there who seem to have figured out a way to be on LinkedIn 24 hours a day while constantly landing amazing gigs and doing extra portfolio projects just for funsies. You CAN go freelance, you CAN earn a living, and you CAN have your own business! And you don’t need to have superpowers or take performance-enhancing drugs to make it happen. I really just want to help people escape from office drudgery and cut out all of the ‘secret society’ mystery I encountered when I became a freelance ID. No one should have to Google endlessly, trying to find the information they need spread among a million industry blogs or kiss a bunch of butts just to get 17 minutes of vague advice. Wow, that sounded harsh. But seriously, many people crave the freedom of WFH and owning their own business. So IDLance wants to help instructional designers get the knowledge they need, the community support they deserve, and also have a few LOLs along the way.