And by this we mean ditching your “cozy” cubicle,  “private” glass-walled office, or “collaborative” open floor plan. Sure, you could just quit your job tomorrow and say, “I’m a freelance freebird now, dig it” as you tip your sunglasses down at that poor lady named Monica in HR who is trying to conduct your exit interview but really all she’s thinking about is whether she’s going to make it to Food Truck Friday in the office parking lot before it ends. We feel you, Monica.

You could do that. But that would be setting yourself up for some rough times. Realistically, you need a plan and you need support.

That’s where we come in! We’re here to help you answer all those nagging questions that come with freelancing, the ones that you’ve been scouring the Internet to answer,only to be faced with pages and pages of industry blogs and no definitive guidance. That ends now.

You can get access to our content and community today, and access even more in the coming weeks and months (and years)!

What is IDLance?

It’s an ever-growing collection of 100% self-paced modules full of practical information, guidance, handy templates, and emotional support (mental health matters, people!) for those looking to dive into the cool, refreshing waters of freelance instructional design. When you subscribe to IDLance, you’ll get step-by-step instructions for things you didn’t even know you needed step-by-step instructions for.

Don’t let the word “modules” scare you away! Ours are so down-to-earth you won’t even realize you’re learning how to do business. Yes, the moment you decide to start freelancing, you’ve also decided to start your own business.

And business is hard. But you don’t have to go it alone! IDLance is also a community made up of people who share your same hopes, dreams, and deepest desires. Well, maybe not all your deepest desires. It’s best you save some of those just for you and your basement. (Yes, we still cuddle our beanie babies, too.)

P.S. The ID in IDLance is for “Instructional Design” and the “lance” is for “freelance.” But we also see ourselves as the lance (you know, medieval sword thing) that’s going to help you cut away from crappy office drudgery and forge ahead into your new life! Yeah, that’s intense. But we like it that way.

What Makes
IDLance Different?

Our stuff is completely self-paced. You never have to be at your computer at a certain time for any reason. Listen, we live in a time where cancelled plans are a celebrated occurrence. We know what it’s like to be completely motivated to do something, only to lose all energy the minute someone else tells us when we have to do it.

You get all the things…immediately. You can jump around between modules and lessons, finding the info you need at the exact moment you need it. There’s no time-release function where you have to wait until you’re 28 days into the course to learn how to file your business entity.

We’re always adding to the stuff and the things. Just because there may be 8 modules when you sign up, doesn’t mean there will be 8 modules next month. In fact, during our launch in July 2020, you’ll have a total of 30 lessons to peruse. We’re committed to bringing you fresh content on the regular and updating older content when it gets stale.

A friendly community is built right into the learning. Connecting with other supercool, like-minded freelancers is only (literally) ONE click away.

We’re always listening…but not in a creepy way. If there’s content you want to see, or if you have a question about something, we’ll be there for you as will your fellow freelancers in the community.

What Does It Cost?

Free for a basic membership. Yep, free! You’ll get to learn from a portion of our high-quality (and entertaining…at least our moms think so…) lessons and full access to our community.

Then it’s $49 for our first 88 Key Founders to get a PREMIUM Membership FOR LIFE (Get it? 88 Keys? Like on a piano? There’s more where that came from!). Premium means ALL ACCESS to our eternally growing collection of modules and resources and who knows what else we’ll come up with.

After those 88 key spots are filled, it’s $180 a year for the premium membership for the rest of you’s.

Yes, to be all marketing-y, that means if you get in as one of the first 88 Keys, you’ll be saving 73% on the first year alone.  Then it’s 100% savings for EVERY year after that. That’s a lot of taco & tequila money right there.

Is IDLance Your
Cup Of Tea?

  • Are you a full time, salaried instructional designer looking to start their own full-time freelance business?
  • Are you an already working instructional designer trying to get some side gigs for extra income?
  • Did you read somewhere that in less than 10 years, most of the workforce will be freelancers, and you want to get ahead of the curve?
  • Are you drowning in the sea of experts and “thought leaders” on LinkedIn, unsure of who to follow and worried you’ll never “get to their level”?
  • Have you ever signed up for an hour-long webinar only to be annoyed because by the time it actually starts you have to turn off Dr. Phil at the exact moment when Phil’s telling that lady who’s being catfished that he could find no one by the name of Max Moose Advisor in all of North America?
  • Have you ever forced yourself to watch the recorded hour-long webinar that you missed but just couldn’t get yourself to pay attention because you really needed to see if that modestly priced castle (that no normal person could ever afford) in Wales was still available on Realtor?
  • Have you ever been extremely motivated to work on your life plan at 3:26 AM, but were irrationally angry that none of your friends, mentors, or business coaches were up at that hour?
  • Would you rather answer the question “Which 90s R&B song best describes your working style?” than be encouraged to write a daily self-reflection journal?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then we can’t wait to spill the tea for you at IDLance.

We won’t be showing you how to be an instructional designer (maybe in the future!) but we can show you how to start and grow a freelance ID business.

The Stuff & The Things

As a premium member of IDLance, you’ll get access to ALL of the ever-expanding modules, templates, tools, and a kick-ass community made up of driven freelancers just like you. Here’s a sneak peak at the first 36 lessons, making up 12 modules. You’ll see modules 1-8 right away when you sign up during our launch in July 2020, but we have more coming after that!

Get free lessons, bonus content and notifications of upcoming courses straight to your inbox!

Get Free Lessons, Bonus Content and Notifications of Upcoming Courses Straight to Your Inbox


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